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It took another century ahead of the states and territories agreed, in , to the same name Australia Day and timing the Monday nearest to January of championship title. And it wasn t until that the choice was made to make January a national public holiday. What does celebrating January actually mean? Although history books indicate, January festivities were initiated to mark the arrival within the first British colonists along with the establishment of a British colony on the new england of Australia.

This history involves a time period of conflict that continued up until s, as well as government policies of assimilation, separation and dispossession. You could potentially time, many Indigenous everyone was removed from their traditional lands, and stopped from practising their language and culture. Today, Indigenous peoples are still recovering Australia Day Perth the chain of events which were set in motion on that day in . The ongoing impact can be present in disturbing rates of Indigenous incarceration and the growing overrepresentation of Indigenous children in outofhome care, to provide just two of many examples.

Another problem with holding our national day on January is that can easily day that positions European settlement as the primary source of national identity and pride. In doing so, it ignores more than , years of precolonial history and connected with multicultural migration to Australia. By changing the date, Australia can show that it can be ready to truly accept and include Indigenous histories, cultures and contributions as being a valued part of this Australian story.